1. Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver

  • Rezoning of Campus of Care Site to permit construction of new office and residential buildings; assistance with municipal planning applications and development approval processes on Archdiocese projects, such as finalization of a revised Cemetery Master Plan and related implementation actions.

2. University Neighbourhoods Association

  • A comparison of the UNA elected Board members’ duties with those of elected municipal Mayors and Councillors. The comparison dealt with legislative mandates and practices of local governments; roles and responsibilities; scope of responsibilities; and compensation. Recommendations were provided on how the UNA Board roles and responsibilities could be enhanced.

3. Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table

  • Development of strategies to better integrate Gateway planning with municipal planning and regional planning (in partnership with a second firm).

4. Hesperia Development Corporation – The Villages at Okanagan Landing

  • Directed the preparation of and drafted a Neighbourhood Development Plan for a 28 hectare (69 acre) site owned by the City of Vernon and being developed by a City appointed land development corporation. The development plan provides for up to 1200 units of multiple family housing. Planned as a sustainable neighbourhood, with up to 50 percent of the housing to be attainably priced for lower and moderate income families.

  • Directed the community consultation process as part of plan preparation.

  • Drafted the comprehensive development zone bylaw to implement the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

  • Drafted the development agreement between the City and the Hesperia Development Corporation.

Hesperia Development

5. TransLink – North Fraser Perimeter Road

Planning advice to TransLink and their engineering consultant on the selection of the corridor location for the North Fraser Perimeter Road. Advice was based on consultation with all of the affected municipalities, with a focus on the route through New Westminster.


6. City of Edmonton – Mature Neighbourhood Planning Projects

Design Guidelines for Residential Infill

Preparation of Planning and Design Guidelines to govern the location, planning and design of all forms of residential infill in Edmonton's 107 mature neighbourhoods, from low scale to high rise buildings, with specific guidelines for the planning of large infill sites. The fundamental objective is to contribute to a more sustainable form of City development. This project included the design and implementation of an extensive, creative, public consultation process, and received an Award of Merit from the Alberta Professional Planners Institute in 2010.

Edmonton Infill Plan

Planning and Approval Process for the Redevelopment of Large Sites

Design of a new public consultation and staff review and approval process for large scale, direct control rezoning applications for the redevelopment of large sites in Edmonton's mature neighbourhoods. The project included the public consultation process.

Mature Neighbourhoods Planning Strategy

Development of a strategy for prioritizing Edmonton's 107 mature neighbourhoods for neighbourhood planning services. The project included the public consultation process.

7. University of British Columbia, Campus and Community Planning 

  • Policy, planning, and development related advice.
  • Development of a building permit process for large scale developments
  • Preparation of strategic business plans
8. District of Hope - General Planning Services

  • Planning advice on the development potential of a large, District owned site.
  • Interim services as the Director of Community Planning during an extended absence of the Director.
  • Strategy for the implementation of a Downtown Revitalization Program.
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