1. Development Negotiations

Assistance with the review of complex plans and applications, and the negotiation of related agreements.
This can be advantageous if:

  • You do not have the required skills on staff
  • The municipality wishes to expedite a project or an applicant is prepared to cover the cost to expedite a project
  • Current staff do not have adequate time to devote to an application

2. Interim Replacement of Senior Staff

If you need to fill in a position for a period of time on a temporary or contract basis, we have the experience to step into most management and planning related positions, and act as a full time staff person would. This includes writing Council reports and recommendations, attending Council meetings, managing the department, addressing specific management or organizational issues, and addressing outstanding plans or policy issues.


3. Policy Preparation – Complex or Controversial Issues

Preparation of planning and development policies to address issues that are challenging due to their complexity or extent of community interest. These projects generally require that communities be appropriately involved in ways that increase understanding and support, while ensuring that the policies can be implemented in ways that mitigate their impact.


4. Development Plans and Zoning Bylaws

Preparation of development plans and comprehensive development zoning bylaws for complex or challenging sites


5. Creative Public Consultation

We can design and implement creative consultation processes which generate community understanding and support for controversial planning initiatives. These processes can be delivered as an integral part of a planning project, or can be developed and implemented independently.


6. Land Use and Transportation Planning

Assessment of alternate routes for transportation infrastructure and the related land use implications and opportunities associated with high capacity transportation facilities.


7. Strategic Business Plans – Council Workshops

Corporate and Strategic Business Plans are one of the most powerful tools a Council or senior staff can use to manage their priorities and budgets. We have been involved in them in different capacities in a number of different organizations, including identifying the key strategic issues to be addressed, through to leading the strategic planning sessions and drafting final business plans.


8. Intergovernmental Negotiations

If you need assistance with working through the challenges of negotiating with other levels of government or need a resource that understands the dynamics of municipalities and the objectives they attempt to achieve with the tools they have available.


9. Pragmatic Plans and Policies that Genuinely Contribute to Sustainability

Plans or policies based on leading edge, sustainable planning principles that you can actually implement.


10. Community and Neighbourhood Plans

Preparation of Official Community Plans/Municipal Development Plans and Neighbourhood Plans.


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